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Last Day – 31 August 2011

Last Day of class for the Elementary Mathematics module before all of us embark on our Final Assignment!!! I am proud to announce that I actually feel sad; I will miss attending mathematics lesson. I can imagine the surprise on my Secondary School teacher’s face if I were to tell him that I miss math […]

Day 5 – 26 August 2011

A recap and enhancement of fractions as we had explored last night is how we start our day. How many 1 fourths or how many halves are questions frequently seen in Primary School but what is the actual rationale of the working behind it. Word problems with fractions are a familiar sight too. I remember […]

Day 4 – 25 August 2011

As with the poker cards on Monday, we witness another magical trick with relation to Mathematics today. Dr Yeap can actually read our minds. He is able to work out the difference of the 2 digits thought by us by knowing just the first digit. Is he a mind reader? Intrigue? Through the magical world […]

Day 3 – 24 August 2011

Today’s lesson focuses on alternative mathematic approach primarily the lesson study. Truthfully, I have no idea what that means. Is it an approach where one study the lesson or lesson plan and through it figure out if the lesson was suitable? There were three videos in total which we viewed, two of the same lesson […]

Day 2- 23 August 2011

Today’s lesson begins with a quiz with relate to what we had learnt yesterday, the ability to maneuver numbers in order for the sums of all sides of the square to be equal. It was slightly different from the experience yesterday as the boxes are placed differently and of course the level of difficulty rose […]

Day 1 – 22 August 2011

First Day of Mathematics Class!!!! To be honest, I am a little nervous, what if I had forgotten all my math concepts? What if I am lost in the class? On the other hand, I am also slightly excited, math… it’s been so long since I last took math in Secondary 4 and that was […]

Chapter 2

“The experiences we provide in classrooms should be designed to maximize learning opportunities for students.” (p. 20). The lessons learned as a large group and learning centres exploration should provide stimulants for children to explore and experiment with concepts learned and the desire to find out more. “Teaching should provide opportunities for students to build […]